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Software and databases on request

At Web & Art we focus on developing our own solutions and frameworks. In terms of software we usually write in ​​C ++, C #, Java, PHP and Python. Our applications can run in any operating environment, or we can create integral, hermetic systems for them. All our software is compatible with MVC design standards.

For the purpose of more dynamic content or multimedia presentations, we write script in JavaScript, ActionScript and others.

Applications cannot run in isolation from data, so we specialize in data mining – processing and optimizing large amounts of information. We design the structure of relational databases, systematically expanding and administering them.

We participate daily in projects to expand the functionality of LiteSQL, MS SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases, including searching and the data transfer, as well as updating of views and procedures. Projects may have internally-generated documentation or be compliant with your own design requirements.

The solutions recommended by Web & Art are based on a PostgreSQL relational database.

Complementation of administrative services is handled by Apache and Nginx servers, which reflect the functionality and security of various other servers and online stores.

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