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Configurators and calculators

At Web & Art we can assemble and maintain configurators for everything from diamond rings to computers and cars. In this regard, our services have no restrictions. The more complex the product, the greater the challenge to present it in a friendly way – and we love challenges.

Configurators require aggregation of large amounts of data and determination of activity phases, which are different for service providers and for users. As a next step, there’s the construction of a metalanguage that clearly describes the relationship between all the elements. We encourage you to ask about our services in this field. Remember, there’s no more an interactive service than a configurator.

Calculators, on the other hand, work everywhere. In leasing, credit, reservation systems, logistics and many more. Each implementation simplifies access for service users, so it’s worth taking care of themdoing them well.

See also: Software and databases on request, Websites and CMS panels.

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