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Copywriting services

Content in electronic media consists not only of text. It also includes pictures, graphic symbols (icons, pictograms), as well as integral infographics and memes. Logos are accompanied by phrases and slogans.

But all these elements should comprise a coherent message. It also needs to be dynamic, because apart from internal titles, or introductions through other media, popular content can be used (for example) to announce articles or create newsletters, etc. Knowledge of the specificity of the Internet is crucial when formulating your written content.

Your content must also be consistent with PR/marketing strategy. This is especially important when adapting materials for use in other countries and cultures. The translation itself, even the most faithful, requires an understanding of the message and substantive cooperation on the translation and content by native speakers of both languages. At Web & Art we know how to edit a newsletter, e-brochure or White Paper.

Every single day we manage complex information services, including editorial work. We also help train the staff of advertising agencies.

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