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European Union projects

Obtaining European Union funds for development of projects not only requires innovative ideas. You have to calculate the funds during implementation and assess the long-term prospects too. Positive stimulus to the economy in terms of technological progress, income and jobs should also be taken into account.

EU projects therefore go far beyond standard business plans. They also involve processes associated with the implementation of projects. At Web & Art we have completed a number of orders under Operational Programmes in 2007-2013. We have also prepared valuations and analyses of new perspectives. One of the most interesting tools in the European Union is the POWER Operational Programme. Please do not hesitate submit an application for co-financing of a project.

We are also involved in training, gaining additional skills and passing on knowledge to our customers. International exchange of experiences allows us to keep track of the latest innovations and trends, as well as actively participate in them.

See also: Audits and information security, Integration services, Online shops, Project management, Software and databases on request, Websites and CMS panels.

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